What’s the value?

When I first think about the value of my drawing, in class, I thought it seemed worthless. I was frustrated with it, disliked it, and could not stand not being able to erase my “mistakes”. But today, when everyone hung up their drawings and seeing how hard everyone else was on their own drawings made me feel better. I wasn’t the only one who hated my drawing. I wasn’t the only one who struggled with it. Now that I look at the drawing and see my process, I think of it having a lot of sentimental value. I worked 6 hours on this drawing of a chair and it looks like that damn chair. I also was not familiar with drawing on an easel and using charcoal, smudges man.

The value of drawing is so important to myself. If I could not draw I would not be alive. Drawing is my hobby and stress reliever, I want to become an art therapist so I can help people who can’t themselves express verbally because I know what that’s like. So the value of drawing is absolutely priceless to me, and I believe everyone should try art in every and any media until they find what suits them.

Critiquing is quite important in art or any subject really, having an outside view on your own work is a must. You get to work out that line that doesn’t quite “fit” there and critiquing other people’s work is just as important. You’re helping someone in hopes that it improves their work. I always appreciate someone critiquing my work, because most of the time I don’t notice what their talking about until it’s pointed out. Then I have an “Aha!” moment and continue drawing.

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