Blind Contour

In class we tried Blind Contour drawing and it was quite interesting. Many people, including myself thought we were drawing quite well without looking at our drawing. We first tried drawing our hand  with a sharpie and  I noticed the sharpie made nice dark thick lines, but the lines came out extremely wobbly and had a bleeding effect for me.


Next we used an ebony pencil and this was more relaxing for me. I like this drawing the best because if you look at it, it looks similar to the hand I was trying to draw. Thinner lines and it was more smooth for me to draw with, probably because it’s a medium I use quite a lot.




I switched between sharpie and pencil, I learned that even when you are not looking at your drawing you can still tell what you are drawing if you take your time and really focus on the subject. I was really surprised when I drew skeleton because, anatomy is something I try to work on, but don’t quite enjoy doing. So when I drew the hand and ribs I was surprised when they actually looked like what I was drawing. This exercise trains our brain and eyes without judging our drawing and really focusing on the subject. By looking at every corner and curve we study and get to know know the subject. So that next time when we draw the subject we know how to draw it properly.

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